Chapel discovered in Bağcılar

Chapel discovered in Bağcılar

While Istanbul continues to surprise with the richness of its historical heritage, this time a chapel was discovered in Bağcılar. The historical structure, which is not known when and by whom it was built, attracts attention with its unprotected and derelict state, while archaeologists recommend excavation in the region.

This structure, which is located in Bağcılar and resembles a grotto from a distance, draws attention as one of the forgotten historical points of Istanbul.

While this building in Bağcılar is estimated to be a chapel, there are workplaces around it and a school above it.

Archaeologist Ömer Faruk Yavaşçay, who answered the questions of NTV reporter Sinan Kunter, said that he noticed the historical building while doing research on city maps.

Chapel discovered in Bağcılar

Archaeologist Yavaşçay said that some old maps show the building as “Ayazma”, which means holy water for Orthodox people.

Chapel discovered in Bağcılar

Pointing out that there was a Greek village in the region during the Ottoman period, Yavaşçay said that the structure was probably built by the people in the Greek Village in the late 1800s.

Chapel discovered in Bağcılar

Yavaşçay, who also chatted with the locals about the structure, reached the information that this place was used as a fountain 25-30 years ago.

Chapel discovered in Bağcılar

Stating that a detailed excavation study should be carried out in the region to obtain more information, Yavaşçay emphasises that the chapel should be taken care of and protected.

News-Photographs: Sinan KUNTER-NTV

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