Cevizdibi Canyon to be opened for tourism

Cevizdibi Canyon to be opened for tourism

Cevizdibi Canyon, which was discovered within the borders of Samsun’s Yakakent district, is preparing to be brought to tourism. The Canyon, which is closed to visits for now, fascinates those who see it with its magnificent nature.

Cevizdibi Canyon, which embodies all the beauties of the Black Sea vegetation, is a candidate to be one of the best tourism routes.

There is intense interest in the canyon, which is 13 kilometers away from the district center, after the posts made on social media. However, the canyon has a difficult track, it is not a place where everyone can go.

Cevizdibi Canyon

Kadir Demir, the President of Alaçam Mountaineering Nature Sports Club, has been practicing mountaineering for many years. He has climbed many important mountains. He and his friends discovered Cevizdibi Canyon.


He has warnings about the canyon, which is poised to become an important sightseeing route in the future. Demir said the following on this subject:

“It is a canyon that seems very simple, but it is a seriously risky canyon. Because from time to time, there are places that exceed 2-3 places in length. You need to rock climb, you need to make a side pass. It is a place for those who do this professionally. And there is no cell phone signal. There is no point you can reach in the slightest problem or injury. You have no escape point in this direction. Therefore, it would be logical for the friends who will come here to seriously analyze this place and come with technical equipment accordingly.”

Cevizdibi Canyon

There are narrow areas, deep spots and areas where there is a risk of slipping.

For this reason, a rope, non-slip shoes and spare clothes are required during the hike.

Cevizdibi is a canyon that appeals more to professional athletes.


Yakakent North Mountaineering Club President Meltem Tunçay said:

“It is not a route where everyone can come and hike. Precautions are needed. There are deep places, there are rocky areas. There are points where the rocks become slippery. And there is no cell phone reception at all. Normally the trail is 7 kilometers. 3.5 kilometers of it is through the stream and then the hard part begins. We are just trying to make sure that this place is known and under protection.”

Cevizdibi Canyon

The canyon, which has small waterfalls and ponds, is also a natural wonder that will increase the tourism potential of the district.

Entrance to the canyon is forbidden for now due to both security and fire risk.

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