Cancer Vaccine Works

A very promising result has been obtained in cancer vaccine works.

Thanks to the vaccine administered to Adrian Taylor, who had 6 tumors in his lung in England, 5 of the tumors disappeared and the largest one shrank by more than 80 percent.

cancer vaccine works


In September 2022, Adrian Taylor received a devastating diagnosis: the cancer cells in his head and throat had disappeared, but six new tumors had formed in his lung. The largest of these was 25 millimeters across. Surgery was impossible, both because of the aggressive nature of the tumors and because they were deep in the lung. After doctors told him that chemotherapy would not work, Adrian Taylor, who was waiting for death, volunteered for an experimental treatment as the last hope.

cancer vaccine works


He took part in a study involving an mRNA vaccine at the Clatterbridge Cancer Center in Liverpool. Doctors took samples from Adrian Taylor’s tumor and identified the proteins that make it grow. They then created an mRNA vaccine made from these proteins. Thanks to the vaccine given to Adrian Taylor, the immune system recognized the protein as a ‘foreign substance’. It then attacked cancer cells containing the protein. In May, Adrian Taylor was cured of five of his tumors. Only the largest tumor remained, which shrunk to 4.6 millimeters.

cancer vaccine works

Cancer Vaccine Works


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