Canal Istanbul Project Canceled?

Canal Istanbul is a waterway project that was first introduced by the then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2011 and is planned to extend from the Black Sea to the Sea of ​​Marmara on the European side of Istanbul. If the project, the foundation of which is said to be laid in 2014, is realized, it is estimated that 200 thousand trees, 136 million square meters of agricultural land will disappear, and the living creatures and endemic species living in the region will disappear. take risks. and 33 million cubic meters of water will be lost annually.

The Canal Istanbul project had become quite controversial especially before the first tender to be held in March 2020. The allegations came to the fore after the news that the Council of State decided to cancel the tender in Istanbul on March 7, 2022. project. The complete cancellation of the Canal Istanbul spread rapidly on social media, especially due to the posts containing incomplete expressions.

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Tender in Canal Istanbul Unlawfully Canceled

The Canal Istanbul project, which was introduced in 2011, has come to the fore many times over the years. The rise in land prices in a short time in the region, the claims against land buyers, the rearrangements made for Canal Istanbul in the CED, the protests of architects and engineers chambers, environmental organizations and civilians. Opposing the project are just a few of the agenda items. founder.

The news that the Council of State decided to cancel a tender within the scope of the Canal Istanbul project, and the posts referring to this decision, caused a false perception that the project, which created a great controversy, was cancelled. According to the statements of the deputies and the news of Alican Uludag from DW Turkish, the 13th Chamber of the Council of State found the railway line project to be built between Halkali and Ispartakule within the scope of the Canal Istanbul crossing unlawful. It was not made as an open tender.

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Although there is no decision on the subject in the decision search platform of the Council of State, according to the statements made, the 13th Chamber of the Council of State found the tender made on June 28, 2021, using the 21/b (bargaining) method. and Gulermak/Tasyapi Construction and Contracting companies. won. It is cancelled. In the justification, it was emphasized that the tender for the construction of the Halkali-Ispartakule (Canal Istanbul crossing) railway line was carried out without providing the necessary openness and competition conditions and did not meet the “urgency requirement” sought in Article 21. . /b Public Procurement Law. Although an important tender for the Canal Istanbul Project was canceled on the grounds that the Council of State was ‘illegal’, the rumors that the Canal Istanbul was completely canceled do not reflect the truth.

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Claim False!

In a post on his Twitter account, it was claimed that the Canal Istanbul project was completely canceled. In line with the decision of the 13th Department of the Council of State, the tender for the supply and construction of electromechanical systems was made within the scope of Halkali-Ispartakule railway construction and Halkali-Kapikule new railway construction. Canal Istanbul has been cancelled. After the decision of the Council of State, the issue was shared with incomplete explanations on social media and there was a false perception that the project was completely canceled. There is no decision that the Canal Istanbul project has been completely canceled.

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