Can Foreigners Get Vaccinated or Get Treatment for Covid-19 with Private Health Insurance in Turkey?

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown its effect for a long time in Turkey as well as all over the world in the last 1.5 years. In particular, the countries are fighting with virus with some points like measures taken, travel and lockdown restrictions, cleaning measures, etc.  In this context, vaccination studies in Turkey have gained speed recently and a significant part of the population has been vaccinated for two doses. As it is known, people legally residing in Turkey can receive Covid-19 vaccine and treatment in Turkey within the scope of the vaccination program. Treatment and vaccination processes are provided completely free of charge for all Turkish citizens and foreigners. So, does the private health insurance that foreigners have under the residence permit cover the Covid-19 treatment and vaccination processes? In this article, we will talk about it shortly.

Private Health Insurance for Foreigners

As you know, private health insurance is required from all foreigners who will apply for a residence permit in Turkey. It is possible to obtain private health insurance from insurance agencies in almost all cities in Turkey, and these insurances protect foreigners against health problems in some cases. As with various insurances, private health insurances also have different guarantees and coverages. In general, health insurance for foreigners in Turkey covers hospital services, room, bed, meal and companion expenses and various treatment processes within the scope of the hospital stay. It should not be forgotten that before purchasing an insurance policy, it will be to your advantage to read all the details about coverage and policy period. However, it should be known that a significant part of the insurance policies do not guarantee the conditions of the pandemic.

Covid-19 Vaccine and Treatment within the Scope of Insurance

Firstly, Covid-19 vaccinations are provided free by government ministries around the world. Although there is no contrary application yet, if there are new developments in this regard, you can follow up on our website. With the declaration of a pandemic by WHO as of 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has reached a global dimension. As a general practice, insurance companies do not have to pay for Covid-19 treatment costs, unless otherwise stated in the policy. The treatments for such global epidemics are covered by the public. Covid-19 treatment is possible in some private hospitals in Turkey and it is subject to a fee. However, you should ask your insurance provider if these treatments are covered by the policy. Covid-19 treatment and related drugs are provided completely free of charge in all public hospitals in Turkey. In addition, some insurance companies have recently covered Covid-19 treatments, we would like to remind you that you can get the most accurate information from your agency.

If you have questions about foreigners getting a Covid-19 vaccine or treatment in Turkey with their Private Health Insurance, you can send them to us in the comments section.

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