Can Foreigners Establish a Private Security Company in Turkey?

Private security companies are known as private security services established to meet the security needs of places where there are many people such as workplaces, residences, shopping malls and some important places. The number of private security companies in Turkey is increasing every year. Due to the high demand for private security services, many people or institutions want to establish a private security company. However, if certain conditions carrying foreigners can establish private security companies to engage in activities in this field in Turkey.

In order to provide security services in Turkey, they must have a foreign partner in an established security company in Turkey. Also they need to employ an expert security trainer in accompany with the reciprocity concept.  It is necessary to apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to obtain information about whether there is reciprocity in this field. You will find the legal details about establishing a private security company by foreigners in Turkey in this article.

Regulations on Private Security Services in Turkey

The purpose of the Regulation on Private Security Services in Turkey, dated 10/6/2004 and 5188 to regulate implementation of private security principles and procedures. This regulation contains issuing private security permit, granting activity permits to private security companies and private training institutions, granting work permits to private security officers, determining the qualification and curriculum of private security training, the conditions to be sought in trainers and training centers and the result of training.

Within the scope of the relevant law, private security can be provided by employing private security guards by individuals, by establishing a private security unit within the institution or organization or by purchasing services from private security companies. The conditions specified in the clauses (a) and (d) of the 10th article of the relevant law are required for the founders and managers of private security companies. Managers must also be graduates of a four-year university , meet the requirement specified in clause (e) of Article 10 of the Law, and successfully complete the private security basic training specified in Article 14. In case the conditions sought for the founders and managers are lost, the operating permit is canceled if the deficiency is not corrected within two months or if these founders and managers are not changed. Protection and security services to be provided by these companies to third parties, institutions and organizations must be notified in writing to the relevant governorship at the latest one week before the commencement of the service. On the other hand, time registration is not required for emergency and temporary protection and security services.

Providing Private Security Services by Foreigners in Turkey

As mentioned, in article 5 of Law No. 5188 “Foreign persons can establish private security companies and foreign companies are subject to the reciprocity principle to give specific security services in Turkey” are included in the provision. The announcement withing the scope of this provision is also included in the 11th article of the Regulation. According to this provision,  foreigners can establish a private security company in Turkey can also give private security services in Turkey. Foreigners can become partners with a private security company. Again, according to Article 11 of the Regulation, foreigners can be employed as expert trainers in a private security training institution.

The most important thing to be considered , operating by foreign private security services in Turkey is connected to the reciprocity principle. To explain the concept of reciprocity, foreigners wishing to operate in Turkey’s own country, is known for the exclusive right to operate in the field of security to the citizens of Turkey, it is permitted to engage in activities foreign to the private security sector in Turkey.

We can summarize, the reciprocity principle is used for foreigners who want to establish a private security company in Turkey. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of whether reciprocity exists in this area.

How can Foreigners Establish a Private Security Comapany in Turkey?

A written contract is provided for the protection and security services that private security companies will provide to individuals and organizations. In these contracts, the name, address, scope of the service, the number of personnel, the duration of the service and other matters are specified. A copy of the service contract is given to the governorship by the relevant company at least one week before starting the protection and security service. In addition, the list of the private security personnel employed and a copy of their private security liability insurance policies are submitted to the governorship by the relevant company within fifteen days from the date the personnel starts their duty.

Foreign private security company in the application for the permit to be made to the Ministry to establish private security activities in Turkey are required to provide the following documents.

  • A copy of the trade registry newspaper in which the company’s articles of association was published,
  • Photocopy of the identity card, signature circular and settlement certificate of shareholders and managers,,
  • Authorization certificate for the managers who will represent the company,,
  • Criminal records of shareholders and managers,
  • A diploma certifying that the managers are graduates of a four-year college or a document substituting a diploma,
  • Private security basic training certificate for managers.

After examining the above documents, a security investigation is carried out against the founders and managers of the companies that are understood to meet the conditions stipulated in the Law. Private Security Company Operation Permit Certificate is issued following the payment of the license fee to the companies that are entitled to obtain an operating license as a result of the investigation. The operating license is delivered by hand to the founder, manager, legal representative of the private security company or to the person authorized by the private security companies.

If you have any questions about establishing a foreign private security company in Turkey, you can send us the comments section.

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