Call of Duty Modern Warfare III requires massive storage space

The new Call of Duty game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III” will be released on November 10. The game, which gives early access to those who pre-order MW3, takes up over 200 GB of space.

Call of Duty MW3 game will be released on PC and new generation consoles on November 10. Those who pre-order the game can now play the single-player story mode. According to these people’s report, the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare III game takes up much more space on the hard drive than its predecessors. An explanation came from Activision regarding how the enormous file size occurred.

It takes up over 200GB on PS5!

Players who had early access to the game’s single-player campaign mode saw that the total file size (Modern Warfare II story mode, Warzone + Call of Duty HQ) during installation was 234.9GB on PlayStation 5. For PC players, the file size (Modern Warfare II campaign + Warzone) is slightly smaller; 172GB. So why is the file size so large?

Statement from Activision

According to Activision’s share, large file size, Call of Duty Warzone map files, support for Modern Warfare II items, new open world Zombies mode.

The large file sizes we see on PC and PS5 do not include unreleased content for Modern Warfare III, such as multiplayer or Zombies game modes. On the other hand, let us note that this does not mean that Modern Warfare 3 alone takes up 200 GB of storage space. Call of Duty HQ, which enables access to Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare III and Warzone from a single place, requires 50GB of free space to install. Each game pack increases the overall file size.

Call of Duty games have been making players upset about storage space since Modern Warfare, which was released in 2019. Activision has previously taken steps to reduce the game’s file size and promised further optimization, but installing Modern Warfare III requires 79GB of additional storage, even with Warzone and HQ installed.

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