Caddebostan Marina Burned! 6 Boats Destroyed

Caddebostan Marina Burned! 6 Boats Destroyed

The fire, which broke out from the electrical contact at the Caddebostan marina, soon became dominated by the flames. While the fire was extinguished as a result of the intervention of the firefighters, it was learned that there were no deaths or injuries in the incident. 6 boats were destroyed in the fire.

At around 05:00 in the morning, a fire allegedly broke out in Kadikoy Caddebostan marina. In a short time, the boats, where the smoke rose, suddenly turned into a fireball. Upon notification of the situation, firefighters and police teams from many surrounding districts were dispatched to the scene.

Caddebostan Marina


While the firefighters who came to the scene intervened in the burning boats, the police teams took extensive security measures in the surrounding area. The boats were towed to the safe zone so that the fire would not spread to other boats. While there was no loss of life or injury in the fire, it was determined that 6 boats became unusable. While the cooling works of the fire brigades continue, the police teams started working on the incident.


Atilla Yalın, who served as a guard at the port where the fire broke out, said, “I was standing at my duty area at around 05.00. I saw that my colleague next door was not in place. When I got out, the hut and the boats caught fire. Thanks to our firefighters, the fire was intervened. There were no injuries or deaths. The fire broke out due to an electrical contact. . So far, 6 of our boats have been burned.” aforementioned.

Caddebostan Marina


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