Businesses Serving Those Who Don’t Wear Headscarf in Iran Have Been Sealed

Many businesses in Iran’s capital, Tehran, which were allegedly warned for serving uncovered people but continued to provide services by ignoring them, were sealed.

According to Iran’s semi-official Tesnim News Agency, many businesses operating in the capital Tehran and a shopping mall were closed on the grounds that they were serving open customers.

In the news, it was stated that the businesses in question were sealed because they violated the headscarf and chastity rules and ignored the warnings and continued the deed.

Three pharmacies were among the businesses, most of which were cafes and restaurants, which were closed.

It was noteworthy that a shopping center located in the west of the city, where dozens of businesses and hundreds of people work, was completely sealed.

The fact that most of the sealed cafes and restaurants belong to famous names caused a reaction from social media users.

In the messages shared on social media, it was claimed that the people in question supported the demonstrations that started after Mahsa Emini died while in custody and that their businesses were closed for this reason.


Mahsa Amini, 22, died on September 16, after being taken into custody by the Irshad patrols known as the “morality police” in Tehran, the capital of Iran, on September 13, 2022.

The demonstrations that started after Amini’s death spread throughout the country and turned into anti-government protests, and hundreds of people lost their lives in the protests. Thousands of people were detained in the country for protesting Amini’s death and opposing the mandatory dress code.

Despite the end of the demonstrations, women in many parts of Iran continue to protest by not covering their heads in public places, shopping malls, cafes, banks, schools and streets.

The Ministry of Interior and the Judiciary announced that action would be taken against those who violate the mandatory headscarf rule, and stated that the cameras on the streets and avenues would be used for headscarf inspections.

It was stated that those who are found not to comply with the headscarf rule will be warned with a text message first, and it was noted that those who ignore the warning and continue the deed will face various sanctions.

From time to time, disputes arise among people in the country on the grounds of “not wearing the headscarf properly”, and businesses that provide services to those who do not comply with the headscarf rule are sealed.

In Iran, the vehicles of those who violate the headscarf rules are detected by cameras and the vehicle owner is warned with a text message. It is stated that the cars of those who do not pay attention to the warning will be banned from traffic for 15 days, and if the incident is repeated after this period, the vehicle will be confiscated.

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