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Nilüfer is one of the central districts of Bursa city with more than 460.000 population. Nilüfer, where the new construction took place, is the most developed district of Bursa in terms of urban planning. Turkey’s largest karting track located in the Nilüfer district; In areas included in the scope of archaeological sites such as Tepecik Höyük, Akçalar Aktopraklık Tumulus, Gölyazı and Misi Village in Alaaddin Bey village; There are historical monuments and natural beauties such as castles, churches, monasteries, mosques, baths and fountains belonging to various periods of history. Nilüfer provide an important contribution to the economy of Turkey , it has become one of the heavy industrial area in recent years. With this feature, the district provides job opportunities to a significant portion of the Bursa population.

Check out the most comprehensive Nilüfer city guide now. You will find the answers of many questions like “Places to see in Nilüfer ” or “How to get to Nilüfer ?” in this guide.

District Name



Population Density

Population Growth Rate

Surface Area

Number of Neighbourhood




824 / km2

5,59 %

552 km2


Do you want to get detailed information about hospitals in Nilüfer ? If you’re, our special health guide will be helpful for you. In Nilüfer , there are 1 university hospital and 12 private hospitals in the city.

If you are looking for real estate for sale in Nilüfer or real estate for rent in Nilüfer, you are on the right page. As of the end of November 2020 in Bursa, Nilüfer district, the prices of houses for sale increased by 27.54% in the last year. Average for sale residential property size is 140 square meters. Considering the annual averages, the neighborhoods that gained the most value in Bursa province Nilüfer district as of the end of November 2020 were Ahmet Yesevi, Odunluk, Altınşehir, Ataevler, Karaman in order.

Accommodation in Nilüfer is an important issue for people who visit city for different purposes like tourism or business. Today, it’s possible to find different accommodation alternatives like hotels and hostels in Nilüfer.

Check out the “Best places to visit in Nilüfer” or “Top 10 things to do and see in Nilüfer” questions in this guide.  Gölyazı Village is one of the most populr destinations of Nilüfer. It is a cute village that is connected to the mainland by a thin bridge and welcomes its guests with its magnificent view over Uluabat Lake. Ağlayan Çınar, whose name is mixed with legends and located on the left at the entrance of Gölyazı Village, is the center of attention of Gölyazı visitors. The reason why Ağlayan Çınar, who is under special protection and whose age is around 750, got this name is the red liquid that flows from his body on some days of the week. A nice alternative to your list of places to visit in Nilüfer, Ağlayan Çınar is one of the important values of Bursa. Bursa Atatürk City Forest, which is very close to the city center of Bursa and located between the borders of Nilüfer District, is one of the places where Bursa residents are most popular for the weekend. There are barbecue fireplaces, covered seating areas and parking.

If you are coming from another city to Nilüfer, you can find direct bus services to Bursa. Also, the airport is located in Yenişehir district, so you can find direct flights to Bursa.  You can use both metro, tramway and bus lines for transportation in Bursa. Bursaray is the official name of Bursa metro that connects districts from west to east.  There are two metro lines named as Emek – Arabayatağı and University – Kestel. The tramway lines are located in Nilüfer district and they connect the city center regions.  You can check out the inner-city transportation map below.


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