Born Liar 3 Zodiac Sign

Signs that are prone to lying are curious. Lying is a negative character disorder. Its equivalent in psychology is mythomania. So which zodiac signs are born liars? Here is the answer…

Lying zodiac signs are people who try to salvage the situation. Individuals who tend to live in the moment may lie. When they are in a difficult situation, they first cling to lies. So which zodiac signs are born liars?



Gemini, who likes to make empty promises, is a mild liar. People shouldn’t take their words too seriously. They speak as they come to mind.


Emotional Aquarius say one thing does not hold the other. This automatically makes them liars. There is no balance and consistency when it comes to their emotions.


It is difficult to live with Pisces who are hysterical and whose words you should not trust. They turn the world around them. The truth of the matter is that it is never as they interpret it.

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