Bird Flu Is Back In Europe!

It was announced that a poultry farm worker in Guadalajara, Spain, had bird flu. Bird flu was seen in Europe for the second time and in Spain for the first time in humans.

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Spanish Ministry of Health’s Alerts and Emergencies Coordination Center stated that bird flu was detected in a person working in a poultry farm in Guadalajara, Spain, on 27 September, quarantined and remaining asymptomatic. He explained that the patient “turned to negative” in a short time.

It was stated that bird flu was seen in humans for the second time in Europe and for the first time in Spain. The first case was recorded in the UK in December 2021.

Officials of the Spanish Ministry of Health informed that the patient was positive with a very low viral load and there were no symptoms.

Bird flu was first detected in China in 1990

Bird flu, called “H5N1”, was first detected in China in the late 1990s, and when 6 out of 18 people infected with the virus died in Hong Kong in 1997, it was announced by researchers that people could spread this virus and have serious consequences.

According to WHO’s data, 456 (52 percent) of 864 people diagnosed with bird flu since 2003 have died.

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