BinBin, Turkey’s Electric Scooter Company, Expands Abroad!

BinBin, Turkey’s Electric Scooter Company, Expands Abroad!

BinBin, the local electric scooter company, continues to grow abroad. The company will serve in one more city in Europe. Here are the details!

Founded in 2019, BinBin, a domestic electric scooter company, is the first Turkish company to open abroad in the field of microbility. Microbility means a small and light vehicle that operates at speeds below 25 km/h and is used personally.

Developed with local software and engineering methods, BinBin currently serves in a total of 5 countries and 19 cities around the world. According to new news, the company will start serving in one more city abroad.


Growing in Europe!

BinBin’s environmentally friendly and practical electric scooter vehicles started operating in Croatia in 2022. According to the statement made, BinBin started to provide services in Cakovec, Croatia.

There are many other countries where the company serves outside the city of Cocavec in northern Croatia. For example; Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, TRNC and North Macedonia are a few of them.

BinBin, which employs more than 500 people, is moving forward without slowing down on its growth path by starting to serve in a new city abroad. Kadir Abdik, CEO of BinBin, made the following statements on the subject:

“Last year, we started to offer the sustainable micromobility transportation solutions we have realized in our country in Croatia. In a short period of one year, we have become an indispensable part of the country with our new model scooters and operational quality. The intense interest shown by the Croatian people in this short period of time has encouraged us to step into new investments. In the future, we will continue our efforts to meet users in different locations, especially by taking strength from the valuable experience we have gained in the foreign market.”

Today, the interest in electric scooters is quite intense. For this reason, the company is expected to start serving in other major countries soon.

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