Best Investment Sectors for Foreigners in Turkey 2021

At the last years, investing in Turkey is a method that many foreign investors prefer. Generally, the investments return with a really high profit rate. Successful investing defines as high profitable investment in the world. Firstly, you should understand the most profitable sectors. With a booming economy, Turkey is wide out as an indispensable resource, especially for foreign investors in recent years. You can find detailed information about some of the profitable investment areas in Turkey this article.

Istanbul Stock Exchange (BİST)

The stock market is known as the name of the market where the transactions continue through a broker. Patience, experience, knowledge and some important strategies are required to be successful in this market. It is very important to invest and gather information on various fields and several companies in the fluctuating stock market. The stock market, which is at high risk compared to the real estate sector, often fluctuates. However, with the right moves, the stock market provides high income to investors.

Precious Metals like Gold or Silver

Precious metals are defined as the name given to jewelry of a certain quality standard. Investors investing in these mines often rely on their solid and reliable structure. Low-risk precious metal investments show a stable performance in the global economy. When investing, expertise is important, similar to the stock market. Gold always occupies a leading position in investment rankings.


In a general concept, forex is known as foreign exchange market. As it turns out, it is an investment tool based on forex currencies. It can provide investors with good market analysis skills and accurate information, with great profit. The amount of money invested for Forex and leverage ratio are the most important factors.


Turkey is one of the world’s most active countries in terms of exports and imports. Annual logistics industry with high commercial income ratio, one of the most ideal areas to invest in Turkey. Every year increase in the ratio of imports as well as exports in Turkey, which increases the need for new investment in logistics.

Health Sector

With the important developments in the health sector in the last 10 years, Turkey has become the focus of foreign investors. The increasing population as a result of the rapidly developing economy has caused high expenditures in the field of health. Therefore, interest in health centers, polyclinics and hospitals has increased and this has attracted the attention of potential investors. Foreign investors in particular, Turkey is closely interested in the health sector because they have access to high-quality services at an affordable price. The investment in the health sector is very profitable, it is one of Turkey’s major source of income.


UNESCO-protected historical and natural areas with numerous blue flag beaches, Turkey is a country on the world-famous tourist area. Each year hundreds of thousands of tourists come as Turkey, are pleased foreigners coming to the country for investment. The tourism sector is strengthened with the support of foreign investors, one of Turkey’s most important sectors.

Real Estate

Real estate investment is one of the most profitable investment instruments in Turkey and it has become so popular for foreign investors at the last years. In Turkey, for the concept of real estate investments, Istanbul, İzmir, Bodrum and Bursa showed a high potential recently.. Increased property value each year as a result of the strengthening of the real estate industry, the real estate investment in Turkey is to guarantee the return to the investor.

The average rate of increase in the first 5 years of real estate investments in Istanbul is 250%. For the real estate market of Bursa, an increase of 86% was recorded in a 4-year period. While the rate of increase in value in Antalya in the last 4 years was 65%, in Bodrum in the last 5 years, there has been an increase of 74.8%. Real estate purchased in the real estate market, which is a low-risk investment instrument, can be waited for investment, leased or used by the investor himself. In a very short period of depreciation of real estate in Turkey, located at the beginning of the list as the most widely used means of investment by foreign investors.

Turkey’s biggest city Istanbul has a big potential for real estate investors. Real estate investments in Istanbul with the shortest depreciation periods in Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü provide a great gain in a short time. Istanbul connects two continents like Europe and Asia with its 15 million population.

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