Bayezid II Minaret is Dismantled in Hagia Sophia Under Restoration

In the restoration of the Hagia Sophia Mosque, dismantling operations started in the Bayezid II Minaret, where cracks were previously detected.

The restoration works initiated under the coordination of the General Directorate of Foundations under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism at the Hagia Sophia-i Kebir Mosque continue.

Within the scope of the restoration project, steel scaffolding and structures were installed from the top to the bottom of the Bayezid II Minaret, located in the section of the historic mosque facing Topkapi Palace.

During the works, a crack was found in the Bayezid II Minaret, and it was informed that the minaret would be dismantled in line with the examinations of the scientific board and that the restoration would continue by making the necessary repairs.

Minaret dismantling started

Within the framework of the project, it was seen that the procession was removed from the Bayezid II Minaret with the work that has been going on for about two weeks and the dismantling process of the cone started. The General Directorate of Foundations gave information about the work.

In a written statement, “Hagia Sophia-i Kebir Mosque II. Stage Restoration (Implementation) Work was started on 06.10.2023 by delivering the ground delivery. Within the scope of the restoration, work will be carried out in areas such as facades and minarets that form the exterior of the building.

First of all, the perimeter was closed for the work area, and the steel minaret platform fabrication was completed in line with the approved project for the dismantling of the Bayezid II Minaret. Scaffolding was installed on the minaret platform.

In the decision of the scientific board dated 23.02.2024, it was decided to wrap the completed minaret scaffolding with a fireproof mesh with a 1.5 centimeter gap for safety purposes and the production was completed.

“Necessary stone fabrications will be made”

The Bayezid II minaret will be dismantled up to the chancel in line with the decisions of the Hagia Sophia Scientific Committee and the Regional Board of Conservation, and strengthening and necessary stone fabrications will be made in the minaret within the scope of the approved static project. Work on the minaret started with the dismantling of the procession.

Then the damaged lead cover of the minaret and the old felts underneath were removed. The under lead board, which had taken water and lost its quality, was removed and the wooden carcass underneath was identified and condition assessment sheets were prepared. According to the determinations made, there is an 18-meter one-piece spar pole and 16 approximately 11-meter-long post poles supporting it.”

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