Battlefield Games Retired!

According to the announcement by Electronic Arts, some Battlefield games will be removed from the digital store. So, which video games will no longer be sold?

Battlefield Games Retired

According to the decision made by Electronic Arts (EA), some Battlefield games that have gained great popularity around the world for a while will be removed from sale. EA has announced when the games will be removed from sale.

Which Battlefield Games Will Be Removed From Sale?

EA announced that the video games Battlefield 1943, Battlefield Bad Company and Batlefield Bad Company 2 will be removed from sale on April 28, 2023. As of the date specified by the company, the productions in question will not be able to be purchased from the digital store.

It was stated that this step was a preparation for the closure of the online services of the games in the list. The company announced on December 8, 2023 that the online services of these productions will no longer be available. This means that as of December 8, only the single-player mode will be playable.

Developed by DICE using the Frostbite Engine, Battlefield 1943 was released in 2009. The game, which is about the Pacific Front in World War II, was liked by most players when it was put on sale.

Battlefield Bad Company 2, the best game in the Battlefield series according to many, was released in 2010. The game, which has very high quality graphics compared to the period of its release, reflects the atmosphere quite successfully.

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