Bank Robbery with a ‘Toy Gun’ in Istanbul

The suspect, who entered a bank branch in Çekmeköy, took the 130 thousand liras from the safe and fled with the threat of a gun. The police officer and the people around the bank caught the suspect with the money as a result of the chase. It was learned that the gun in the hands of the suspect when he entered the bank was a toy gun.

An armed suspect at around 12:00 in a bank branch in Tasdelen Mahallesi in Istanbul, Turkey; After entering the branch, he directed the gun in his hand to the security guard and asked him to give his gun.

The suspect, who took the gun of the security guard, started to run away by taking 130 thousand liras from the safe by threatening the bank employees. Meanwhile, a plainclothes police officer who came to the bank saw the suspect running away, and started chasing.


During the chase, he gave a stop warning and opened fire in the air. The surrounding citizens also joined the chase to catch the suspect, along with the police officer. After the chase, the suspect was caught.


A police team was dispatched to the scene upon notice. The suspect was taken to the police station with the money he took from the bank and the gun. The teams examined the guns and empty cartridge cases on the ground.

It was learned that the gun in the hands of the suspect when he entered the bank was a toy gun.


Necip Araz, who was chasing the suspect with the police officer, said, “I saw the police shooting into the air, and the people around said that it was robbery. I ran after him with my friend. After we caught him, we handed him over to the police. A person comes with a toy gun. He was caught trying to escape with the money he stole from the bank. They took him to the police station. ” said.

Chasing the suspect, Ercan Kapıcıoğlu said, “When the police fired into the air, the robber started to run upwards. Since we knew the streets, we followed him. He wanted to walk like a normal citizen. We neutralized him by jumping on him. He had a toy gun in his hand. Some of them were scattered on the road”.

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