Bahar Candan and Nihal Candan detained

Bahar Candan and Nihal Candan detained

Social media influencers Bahar and Nihal Candan were detained for alleged “money laundering”. While the reason for the detention of the Candan sisters dates back to an investigation started in 2020, it was claimed that they were linked to Onur A., who was arrested 6 months ago, and that they attended the meals given by the suspect in luxury restaurants to deceive the victims. Küçükçekmece Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office made a written press statement regarding the detention.

Breaking news! Following the arrest of Dilan and Engin Polat on charges of “money laundering”, the operations have turned to other social media celebrities.

Istanbul Security Directorate Public Security Branch Directorate teams determined that the suspects, who declared that they supposedly sold vehicles at cheap prices through tenders from state institutions, gained trust by selling cheap vehicles to the people they lured into their networks, and collected money by receiving vehicle requests with this method.

It was determined that the suspects, who collected approximately 10 million liras from 13 people, did not pay back the victims on the grounds that there was a problem in the tender and did not deliver the vehicle.

Bahar Candan

As a result of technical and physical surveillance, 6 suspects were caught and detained on May 3. Five of the suspects, including former police officer Onur Apaydın, the gang leader, were arrested.


Küçükçekmece Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office made a written press statement regarding the detention of the Candan sisters.

In the statement, the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office made the following statement: “Due to the news in the written and visual media organs with the content ‘Phenomenon Bahar and Nihal Candan are accused of carp spiral scam’, it is necessary to make a press release. In the investigation carried out by our Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office for the crimes of Qualified Fraud within the Scope of Organization Activity and Laundering Assets Derived from Crime; It was determined that 79 victims were defrauded in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Within the scope of the investigation; suspects A.B.C., G.Ç. and H.İ.S. were detained on 14/11/2023 for the crimes of Being a Member of a Criminal Organization and Laundering Assets Derived from Crime. Within the scope of the investigation, all procedures are being carried out effectively in order to reveal the material truth in every aspect and to take legal action against those responsible.”


Public Security Branch Directorate Fraud Bureau Department teams started an investigation on the notifications received in 2020.

Bahar Candan

The network led by Eren K., who defrauded many people in Istanbul with the lie of “We bring impounded cars from customs and sell them at half price.” was cracked down with a raid organized by police teams. While 24 people were taken into custody, it was recorded that the emphasis made by the network was 90 million liras. While it was revealed that there were 29 complainants about the incident, 24 suspects who were referred to the courthouse were arrested.

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