Bad News: Nvidia Ends GameStream Service in February

Nvidia is ending the GameStream feature, which allows its users to stream 4K 60FPS images from their gaming PCs. Support will end in February.

Technology giant Nvidia is ending the GameStream feature for Shield TVs, which is among the most popular Android Set-Top boxes. This feature, which allows its users to transfer 4K 60FPS images from their gaming computers, was met with great interest by many users.

GameStream Feature Ends for Shield TVs

According to reports, Nvidia has started sending e-mail notifications to Shield TV product owners that the GameStream service will end. The company has announced that an update to the ‘NVIDIA Games’ app from mid-February will remove the functionality to stream games from local computers.

Nvidia recommends users now use the Steam Link feature instead of GameStream. However, this will require users who want to achieve similar streaming quality to use the Steam app exclusively or pay for the GeForce Now service.

The GameStream service is a great addition to a relatively niche product like the Shield. This feature, which is also used by third party software manufacturers (Moonlight, Sunshine), allows users who do not have any Shield TV to transfer images to devices at home. Uninstalling GameStream may also affect these software.

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