Bad News for YouTube: Exciting Move from TikTok!

Bad News for YouTube: Exciting Move from TikTok!

TikTok, which increases the maximum video length day by day, started testing 60-minute videos. Here are the important developments on the TikTok side!

Many people think that the maximum video length on TikTok, which is on the agenda with the question of whether it will be transferred to another company or banned in the USA, is 60 seconds. Yes, it is 60 seconds when you create a video within TikTok, but when you want to upload an external video to TikTok, you can go longer.

TikTok Increases Video Length to 60 Minutes

TikTok, which makes it easy to discover new talent thanks to its high-level algorithm, confirmed that it has started testing 60-minute videos and opened it to some users.

TikTok is gradually increasing video lengths in a very sensible way; the platform, which allowed 30-minute videos for some creators in January, now allows regular users to upload content up to 10 minutes long.

Creators selling subscriptions can upload videos up to 20 minutes long. TikTok, which entered our lives with vertical short videos and became a huge competitor to Instagram, has recently been encouraging the sharing of horizontal videos.

By the way, although it is not yet active in our country, you can earn money per view from TikTok videos in countries such as the USA and Germany. Although this monetization program is still in the “beta phase”, the number of those who earn serious income is quite high.

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