Bad News for Those Bringing Phones from Abroad: New Ban Has Arrived!

Bad News for Those Bringing Phones from Abroad: New Ban Has Arrived!

The rules for bringing phones from abroad have changed. The number of phones carried by passengers has been restricted.

Even though the IMEI registration fee is at a very high level of 31,692 TL in 2024, there is still an intense interest in foreign phones. Today, you are still profitable when you buy an iPhone from many countries, especially the USA, bring it to our country and register it by paying 31.692 TL.

The Second Phone Brought From Abroad Will Be Confiscated!

For this reason, many people were still bringing phones from abroad or bringing phones through their traveling acquaintances. It was even possible to see people who turned this into a business line. However, this situation is now changing.

As you know, only one new phone can be legally brought into the country with a passenger in two years. Although it is quite easy for many people to overcome this restriction, a new regulation has been signed for phones brought from abroad.

According to the news of Barış Şimşek from Sabah Newspaper, the practice of bringing the second cell phone brought with the passenger from abroad into the country by paying the customs tax was ended. According to the new regulation, citizens will not be able to bring the second phone into the country in any way.

Bringing Phones from Abroad

This means that from now on, even if it is for an acquaintance or for yourself, a second cell phone will not be allowed. The second phone will be confiscated at customs and the confiscated phone will be returned to the traveler when he/she goes abroad again. Cell phones in this situation can be requested to be kept in customs warehouses for 3 months.

However, it is worth noting that in the Republic of Turkey, there is a rental fee for products that are seized and held at customs. Therefore, if the second cell phone you bring is taken by customs officers, you will have to pay the price determined for each day.

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