Azerbaijan winner chose to study medicine in Turkey

Azeri Nigar Agazade, who got 700 points in the university exam, preferred Ankara University Faculty of Medicine for education. Agazade, who received 700 full points by answering all questions correctly in the exam and ranked first in the country, told Anadolu Agency (AA) how he achieved success and why he chose to study in Turkey. Agazade stated that he had dreamed of becoming a doctor since his childhood, but because he thought he could not win, he first prepared for other branches. Stating that he decided to become a doctor when he was in his senior year, Agazade said, “I started preparing to study medicine. I got 697 points from the exam. But my goal is 700.” D. University exams are held twice in Azerbaijan to give a chance to the unsuccessful. I took the second exam and got 700 points. 700 points means all questions are answered correctly. That was my goal and I achieved my goal,” she said.

“Medical Education in Turkey Is Very Good”

Stating that he worked systematically and managed the time correctly, Agazade said, “I wanted to study abroad. But my family did not allow me to stay away from them. When I got 700 points, I found strength in myself and asked my family to let me study abroad. This time they did not object and supported me.” Agazade thanked Baku Yunus Emre Enstitusu Director Selcuk Karakilic, who stated that he applied for Turkiye Scholarships and helped him by guiding him in this regard, and said, “I know that medical education in Turkey is very good. I researched and found Ankara University. A high standard education. institution.” I saw. I was very comfortable. My preference was Ankara University Faculty of Medicine. I will study there with a full scholarship and all my expenses will be covered. Turkey is also our sister country. I will feel comfortable and safe there.”

Medical education in Turkey

Nigar Agazade’s mother, Gulare Agayeva, shared her feelings with these words: “My daughter got 697 points in the first exam. This was already a good result, but it did not satisfy Nigar. Her goal was 700 points. She got what she wanted. The second exam makes us proud. It is because of her determination and will.” We couldn’t say ‘no’.. Our sister country chose Turkey. It will be difficult to leave Nigar, but it will be a country where I will feel comfortable. It is a sister country.” Necdet Unuvar congratulated Agazade on the phone and wished him success. Unuvar said, “You have chosen a very good school. Ankara Medicine is one of the best schools in Turkey. As Ankara University, we are waiting for you. We do our best to provide you with the best education. We will provide all kinds of opportunities. material and moral support.” Unuvar met with Anne Agayeva and said, “We will look after your daughter as our daughter, as our eyes. Do not be left behind.” Agazade, on the other hand, said that he is very happy to have won Ankara University and is looking forward to the start of the new academic year.

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