Attack On Brazilian Model In Istanbul!

Brazilian Diogo Da Silva Joaquım (31) settled in Istanbul 3 years ago. Diogo, who was a model here, was attacked with a gun in front of his workplace in Kağıthane Sultan Selim Neighborhood at around 16.45 on Wednesday, March 15th.

Diogo Da Silva received a message saying ‘You have a cargo’ from a foreign number via Whatsapp. When Diogo Da Silva stated that he was not at home, he was at work, the suspect, who sent a message via the number, said that he could leave his cargo at the workplace. Thereupon, Diogo Da Silva threw out the location of his workplace address.


After a while, the suspect arrived at the address and called Diogo Da Silva out to collect his cargo. As soon as Diogo came out, the suspect with the helmet on his head fired repeatedly with the gun. Although Diogo Da Silva tried to evade the attack, two of the bullets hit his leg and one was injured in the arm. The Brazilian model was taken to the hospital and treated. Diogo, who was discharged from the hospital, later went to the police station and filed a complaint. Police teams are still working to catch the suspect.


Diogo Da Silva, who lives at home with crutches, said, “I am surprised to experience such a thing in Turkey.” Indicating that he loves Turkey very much, Diogo Da Silva said, “I have full confidence in the Turkish police and justice. I believe the suspect will be caught in a short time.”


The moments when the Brazilian model was attacked with a gun were reflected in the security camera. When Diogo came to the beginning of the street, it was reflected in the footage that the suspect shot him in the leg and he tried to escape from there by bouncing.


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