Assad: “We Expect Action, Not Words, From Erdogan”

After President and AKP Chair Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced that he could meet with Syrian President Bashar Assad, Assad said that he could not understand whether Erdoğan’s words were sincere or a pre-election political attack and said, “Syria expects action from Turkey, not words.”

After the group meeting of his party, President Erdogan said about the situation of meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad, with whom he last met 11 years ago, “There may be a meeting with Assad, there will be no resentment in politics, eventually we will take our steps”.

According to the news in Syrian Observar, Assad made evaluations about relations with Turkey. Assad announced that meetings at the intelligence level were held with Turkey, but that the level of bilateral talks would soon be increased. Using the phrase “Turkey has shown that it is ready to meet Syria’s demands,” Assad said, “Syria expects action from Turkey, not words.”


Stating that he does not have a fixed idea about Turkey’s stance, Assad said, “Ankara may be more determined in its political orientation than some Arab countries. However, it is not possible to understand whether Turkey’s stance is sincere or just a political maneuver. “It is wrong for journalists and researchers to measure any country’s policy change in terms of personnel changes,” he said.

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