ASELSAN Produced Critical Parts of Solar Power Plants Domestically and Nationally

ASELSAN has developed ASELSAN Pulsar, the domestic and national version of photovoltaic inverters that converts the DC energy taken from the panel in solar power plants to AC in accordance with the grid.

ASELSAN produced the domestic version of the photovoltaic inverter, which is one of the critical parts of solar power plants. The 250 kVA photovoltaic inverter, named ASELSAN Pulsar, was designed and manufactured in Turkey. It is the photovoltaic inverter with the largest output power designed and produced with domestic facilities in Turkey.

First to Be Used in ASELSAN’s Own Power Plant

The developed photovoltaic inverters will first be used in ASELSAN’s own solar power plant. It will then be put on the market later in the year. In line with its zero emission target, ASELSAN plans to establish a solar power plant that produces as much energy as the electricity it consumes. ASELSAN Pulsar solar inverter will be used in the power plant, which is planned to have a total capacity of 75 megawatts. It is planned to sell the surplus electricity produced at this power plant to the grid. While studies are being initiated for the ASELSAN Self Consumption Solar Power Plant, which will contribute greatly to the company’s “2050 net zero emissions” target, the plant is planned to be operational in 2024.

What Does a PV Inverter Do?

The photovoltaic inverter (PV inverter) developed by ASELSAN is used as a power converter. It converts the direct current (DC) type power produced through solar panels into alternating current (AC) for use in grid infrastructures.

ASELSAN Pulsar offers users high efficiency energy production, stability and sustainability thanks to its 12 MPPTs, 800 VAC output voltage and up to 1,500 VDC input voltage. Thanks to its high power density, it provides optimum cost in solar power plants. Thanks to its ability to be used as a Modular Central Inverter, it can also be applied to different switchboard types. Remote monitoring and control of inverters can be made with the Central Monitoring System.

ASELSAN Pulsar photovoltaic inverter with a power of 250 kV is aimed to be used by domestic and foreign investors in Turkey. Since it is a domestic and national product, it will be possible to benefit from Domestic Contribution Share incentives. With the experience and references obtained from solar power plants in Turkey, it is aimed to sell the devices in foreign markets as well.

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