Artificial Intelligence Will Hunt Counterfeit Products With A Photo

An AI-powered app claims to be able to identify counterfeit products with just one photo.

In today’s digital age, where online shopping has become the standard, one of the biggest concerns of buyers is that they receive counterfeit products instead of the original products they demand.

EU e-commerce data reveals that more than half of all counterfeit goods seized by customs come from online stores.

A new app called FeaturePrint, developed by the Washington-based company Alitheon, aims to put an end to this worrying situation.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), the app claims to identify fake items and distinguish them from their genuine counterparts with a single snapshot taken with a smartphone.

Unlike traditional methods that rely on barcodes, stickers, markers or RFID technology, FeaturePrint uses optical artificial intelligence to authenticate products, the company says.

This approach aims to provide access to anyone with a smartphone, eliminating the need for specialized scanners or cameras.

Users take a photo of an item and the app verifies its authenticity and traces the supply chain.

Alitheon’s AI system is designed to recognize and analyze complex surface details of physical objects and transform them into unique mathematical representations.

FeaturePrint captures these numerical clusters and creates a digital fingerprint for each registered product.

This allows users to identify specific items registered in the system, rather than categorizing them into broad product classes like other services.

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