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Artificial Intelligence Took Over the Appraisal Task: Results in Seconds!

Artificial Intelligence Took Over the Appraisal Task: Results in Seconds!

Artificial intelligence technology that can detect problems in vehicles within seconds has started to be used by car dealers. Here are the details!

Artificial intelligence is now on the job to detect car problems. The new system uses AI to automate vehicle inspections by scanning customers’ cars and identifying potential defects in seconds.

Many US dealers, such as Findlay Cadillac, have announced that they have successfully utilized this innovative technology, using AI in their first vehicle inspections.

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Was the AI Automated Vehicle Inspection System a Success?

Findlay Cadillac is taking an innovative step in the automotive industry by being one of the first dealers to implement UVEye’s automated vehicle inspection system. This system automates the vehicle inspection process, saving significant time for both dealers and customers. Used in more than 300 dealerships across the country, the UVEye system significantly increases efficiency and shortens waiting times.

If we talk about the system, it passes through a large scanner that takes multiple photos of the vehicle from all angles, including the underside, in about 30-50 seconds. The recorded images pass through artificial intelligence software that detects defects in the exterior, tires and visible mechanical components, and provides the customer with a detailed report on the vehicle.

The automated vehicle inspection system saves time and money by detecting even overlooked defects such as oil leaks in seconds. As UVEye’s Daniel Frandsen points out, this system makes vehicle inspections, which are normally long and laborious, much faster and easier.

Findlay Cadillac also proved that AI can be used not only to automate jobs, but also to open up new opportunities for employees. With the introduction of the AI system, there have been no job losses in the service departments. On the contrary, there are more jobs for technicians.

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