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Artificial intelligence Sora can also create video collages!

After the success of DALL-E, OpenAI recently introduced Sora. It seems that Sora can also produce video collages. Here are the details!

OpenAI’s new artificial intelligence model Sora can not only create videos from text, but also create impressive visual collages.

Following the success of DALL-E, OpenAI has expanded into video production and developed Sora. This model can convert typed text into 60-second videos, with very impressive results.

Sora Can Combine Multiple Videos with a Single Command

OpenAI is further expanding Sora’s capabilities by announcing a video collage feature. With this feature, Sora can create unique and creative visual collages by combining multiple videos with a single command.

OpenAI states that Sora will be opened to select individuals in the first phase and that potential security risks will be evaluated before it is made generally available. The system is intended to prevent abuse.

Sora can produce complex scenes with many characters, creatures and objects. The first examples shown also confirm this ability. The system, which blends people’s wishes with physical reality, is not yet perfect, but OpenAI explains that it will be improved over time.

OpenAI Sora has great potential for creating video content. While it is still in development, it is already attracting attention with new features such as video collages. It’s exciting to see what Sora can do in the future.

The Sora model breathes new life into video production by creating videos and visual collages from text. Although still in development, it is clear that Sora has great potential for video content creation.

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