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Artificial Intelligence Lawyer To Take Part In A Real Case For The First Time

The artificial intelligence industry entered the year 2023 rapidly. Trained with an artificial intelligence, the program will soon make a defense in a real court and assist the accused.

An artificial intelligence is set to counsel a defendant in court for the first time. The program, which will run on a smartphone, will have algorithms and datasets trained with artificial intelligence. The app will make suggestions on what to say to the accused at the hearing, which will take place next month.

In the last few years, artificial intelligence has developed faster than ever before. First, the leading players in the field were defeated by artificial intelligence in chess and similar games, and then artificial intelligence wrote articles for the university. In the years that followed, we saw and continue to see more productive artificial intelligence. Finally, DoNotPay, a company working on artificial intelligence, is preparing to use its programs to defend the accused in the “high speed” lawsuit that will be held in the USA in February 2023.

Alternative Artificial Intelligences Coming to Lawyers

Founded in 2015, DoNotPay was originally built to challenge parking tickets. Although these types of cases are usually winnable, they often result in people who face high attorney fees accepting the penalty, but DoNotPay aims to help you deal with the process without a real lawyer with the artificial intelligence-assisted legal support it offers.

Now the case is going to a different dimension and it becomes not only legal support but also a platform to defend the accused directly in a court. In this first-of-its-kind case, the accused will be defended against a speeding ticket. The program will draw on data from past cases to prepare the individual’s defense and even answer questions raised in court. Communication between the program and the accused will be carried out through the program on the smartphone and the headset. In addition, the case and the defendant are kept confidential by DoNotPay for now.

What Happens If It Fails?

If the “artificial intelligence lawyer” fails as a result of this lawsuit, DoNotPay will pay the fine on behalf of the defendant. Losing the case won’t make much of a difference considering the crime was just an ordinary speeding ticket, but if won, it could be a great source of credibility for both DoNotPay and AI lawyers.

When DoNotPay’s website is examined, it is understood that this mobile application is positioned as a legal advisor. Available for $36 per year, this program may work in simple cases, but the future is uncertain. However, the term artificial intelligence attorneyship is not very popular for now, but if success is achieved, we may hear this term more often in the future. Besides all this, there is nothing for lawyers to worry about, at least for now.

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