Artificial Intelligence is Now in the Music World: Stability AI

Artificial intelligence is now present in every field. Now it has started to revolutionize the music industry. Here is Stability AI and its features!

A year ago, Stability AI , the London-based startup behind the open-source image-generating AI model stable Diffusion, quietly launched Dance Diffusion, a model that can create songs and sound effects given a text description of the songs in question and sound effects.


This was Stability AI’s first attempt at generative audio. But for nearly a year after the announcement of Dance Diffusion, all was quiet on the generative audio front. Harmonai, which was funded to build the model, stopped updating Dance Diffusion last year.

Now, under pressure from investors to turn more than $100 million in investor capital into revenue-generating products, Stability is reorienting to audio in a big way.

Stability AI’s Extensive Library

Stable Audio is released, which Stability claims is the first tool capable of creating “high quality” 44.1 kHz music using a technique called stealth diffusion. The songs produced by Stable Audio are of consistent length. Other AI models produce long songs. But the songs quickly turn into random, discordant noise. The secret is the secret propagation technique.

The model, which supports Stable Audio, learns how to gradually remove noise from an initial song that consists almost entirely of noise, gradually bringing it closer to the text description. Stable Audio can also mimic the sound of a passing car or a drum solo.


To train Stable audio, Stability AI partnered with commercial music library AudioSparx, which provided a collection of around 800,000 songs from its catalog of largely independent artists.

Stability AI customers paying $11.99 per month for the Pro tier of stability Audio can create 500 commercializable tracks up to 90 seconds in length per month. Free-to-use users are limited to 20 non-commercializable tracks 20 seconds in length per month.

Users who want to use music created in AI from stable Audio in apps, software or websites with more than 100,000 monthly active users need to sign up for an enterprise plan.

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