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Artificial Intelligence Comes to Formula 1! Races Will Now Offer “Unique” Experience!

Artificial Intelligence Comes to Formula 1! Races Will Now Offer “Unique” Experience!

Formula 1 introduced the AI-powered Statbot in collaboration with Amazon. This innovation will offer a personalized viewing experience. Here are the details!

Formula 1 plans to partner with Amazon to launch a new AI-powered ‘Statbot’ application to further enhance the spectator experience and connect viewers to their screens.

This innovative technology will be first introduced at the Spanish Grand Prix. Developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s cloud computing division, Statbot will scan race archives and analyze real-time race data to provide context and information to the broadcast servers during the live broadcast.

Artificial Intelligence in Sports Broadcasts: F1’s Next Step

In a sign of how artificial intelligence is infiltrating the media world, the new technology shows that F1 owner Liberty Media Corp. is looking for new ways to keep fans glued to their screens.

Since acquiring F1 from CVC Capital Partners in 2016, Liberty has focused on increasing the sport’s global appeal and expanding its audience. The company has achieved this goal through marketing moves such as Netflix’s behind-the-scenes documentary series “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” and is also looking to make live race broadcasts more appealing.

Artificial Intelligence Comes to Formula 1

Amazon and F1 plan to use artificial intelligence to provide in-race predictions, such as pit-stop timing or when a driver will try to pass an opponent. These predictions will be based on real-time details such as vehicle performance and tire wear.

“With this data and the intimacy with fans, you can think about delivering hyper-personalized experiences,” Eric Gales, General Manager of AWS Canada, said in an interview at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.

Dean Locke, F1’s director of broadcast and media, emphasizes that it is not enough to offer viewers a passive experience. F1 aims to make race coverage more engaging by allowing viewers to choose how much data they want to see and what stories they want to be told.

Viewers will be able to enjoy a personalized viewing experience based on their preferences. This innovation is part of a wider effort to bring the sport to a wider audience, with the Netflix series expanding F1’s reach in the US and new races such as the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

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