Apple CarPlay will be integrated into motorcycles!

While all leading automakers are producing models compatible with Apple CarPlay, Nepali manufacturer Yatri Motorcycles is preparing to bring this feature to motorcycles.

Nepali electric motorcycle startup Yatri Motorcycles has announced the P1 Gen 2, the world’s first two-wheeler to integrate wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Apple CarPlay is about to hit the road on two wheels

Traditionally, Apple CarPlay is a privilege that differs for car owners. However, Nepali motorcycle manufacturer Yatri will allow Apple CarPlay to be offered for free on new motorcycle models.

Apple CarPlay has functions such as voice-controlled music playback, allowing you to focus on driving and your favorite music. Although it seems to be an important feature especially for car users, it seems that two-wheeled vehicles will follow this trend.

A recent study revealed that more than 35 percent of buyers would not buy a car without Apple CarPlay. While rumors about the official launch date continue, the first images have leaked. Yatri Motorcycles will launch the P1 Gen 2 with Apple CarPlay in late 2024.

Pricing details have yet to be announced, but the original P1’s starting price of 565,000 Rupees (about $4,240) in Nepal gives an idea of the new model. With the imminent arrival of CarPlay 2.0, which seems to be all about configuration, the car version will be able to incorporate brand identities through adjustments to dashboard displays and indicators.

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