Apple Adds New “Vintage” Devices: Which Devices Lost Support?

Apple Adds New “Vintage” Devices: Which Devices Lost Support?

Apple is adding older iPhone and iPad models to the “outdated” or “vintage” categories. This year’s models have been announced. Here are the details!

Apple periodically adds some iPhone and iPad models to the list of old and outdated products. Today, two new names were added to this list. While an iPhone model is now fully exhibited in the “old” category, an iPad model is now included in the “vintage” category.

The Plus model in the once favorite and preferred iPhone 6 series is now defined as an “outdated” device worldwide. This means that Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Services will no longer offer repair and hardware services for this device.

iPhone 6 Plus becomes “Old” iPad Mini 4 becomes “Vintage”

Apple normally starts to consider a product “obsolete” 7 years after it was last distributed for sale. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models were released in 2014 and sales of the Plus model stopped completely after 2 years.

The iPhone 6 cannot yet be described as vintage or old as it continues to be sold in certain countries for a few more years. In terms of software, the last update for both models was iOS 13 in 2019, after which update support was discontinued for these devices.

Among iPad models, the 4th generation iPad mini is now considered “vintage”. iPad Mini 4 owners will be able to receive repair support for their devices for two more years at the Apple Store and Apple Authorized Services if parts are available.

Most people who ask the question of what are the iPhone 6 Plus features are also curious about the answer to the question of whether to buy iPhone 6 Plus in 2024.

In addition, the company added iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models among vintage products. However, only the red color of these models is in the vintage category. Other colors have not yet been included in this list because they have been on sale for longer.

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