Another Increase in Gasoline: How Much Are Fuel Prices?

Another Increase in Gasoline: How Much Are Fuel Prices?

Another new hike is coming to petrol. So how much were the fuel prices with the increase applied? Here are the details about current fuel prices!

Although fuelprices have increased at high rates in the months we left behind, we have recently encountered some discounts. In this process, many vehicle users were affected by the increased prices, but today, on 15 August, there was news of a new increase in petrol prices, which has been very active in recent days.

Variable situations in the international fuelmarket cause petrol and diesel prices to increase and decrease continuously. Oil prices and changes in foreign currency continue to affect petrol and diesel prices.

Fuel Prices

Effective from tomorrow, petrol will be increased by 1 lira 55 kurus. Although the new increase is not yet reflected in the pump prices, it is expected to be reflected in a short time. On the diesel side, there is no information about any increase or discount other than the increase last week.


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