Another Country Joins The Russia-Ukraine War!

Another country joins the Russia-Ukraine war! High terror alert issued!

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko stated that a high terror alert was issued in his country and said, “I have ordered the start of joint procedures with Russia.” With this rhetoric, Belarus’ involvement in the Ukraine-Russia War is seen as a very close possibility. On October 10, Lukashenko stated that there was a threat to their country and announced an agreement with Russia to form a joint military unit.

Belarusian President Lukashenko, who came to the agenda with the rhetoric “The Ukraine-Russia War lasted longer than expected” and opened its borders to Russian soldiers at the beginning of the war, said, “Is he involved in the war?” strengthened his rhetoric. with new statements


Accusing Ukraine of preparing to attack his country and announcing that a joint military union will be established with Russia, Lukashenko said, “After the tension, a high terror alert was issued. We started joint troop deployments. With Russia.”


Belarus indirectly supported Putin’s invasion of Ukraine by opening its airspace to Russia. In recent days, after the increase in the rhetoric of joint unity with Russia and “it will attack us” against Ukraine, there have been comments that Lukashenko is preparing to go to war on the side of Putin.

Russia-Ukraine War


On the other hand, Lukashenko said two weeks ago, “No one can tolerate humiliation. Russia is a very big country. And I tell Europeans that their future is in Russia and Belarus. Russia and Belarus have everything they need and we can buy various things from them like technology. They need to take responsible steps,” he said.

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