Anonymous group can now be created on WhatsApp

No more thinking about group names on WhatsApp! Anonymous grouping feature has been added to the popular messaging app. So, how to set up WhatsApp anonymous group?

The new feature comes with a restriction. Currently, WhatsApp groups with 1024 people can be created, but anonymous groups will be limited to 6 participants. These groups will be dynamically named based on the users added to the group.

The group name will look different for each participant, depending on how they saved the contacts to their phones. If you join an anonymous group of people who haven’t added each other’s numbers, your phone number will appear in the group name. This means that the feature is more geared towards friends and family members who know each other. The group name can be renamed later, or those who do not want to specify a name can continue anonymously.

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So, how to set up an anonymous group on WhatsApp? If you can’t find a name to give the WhatsApp group, you can create an anonymous group by following the steps below 👇🏻

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • To create a group, tap the pen-notepad symbol in the upper right.
  • Tap on the New Group option.
  • Add people to join the group.
  • You will see Group name (optional).
  • Tap the Create button.
  • The anonymous group creation is complete.

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