An Obligation to Pay in Tl Was Introduced in the Sale of Foreign Exchange-indexed Securities

With the regulation published in the Official Gazette, the obligation to pay in TL was introduced for the contracts for sale of movables, except for vehicle sales contracts that are indexed to foreign currency.

Published in the Official Gazette, according to a communique of the Ministry of Treasury and finance, they were entered into between the parties under the contract and the contract price and resident payment obligations in foreign currency or indexed to foreign currency, they decide that all contracts for the sale of the vehicle, except for contractual payment obligations in contracts for the sale of the remaining securities in new Turkish lira, were obliged to be accepted and to be fulfilled.

One critical change was made in public contracts. In contracts other than real estate sales and real estate rentals to which public institutions and organizations or Turkish Armed Forces Foundation companies are a party, the contract price and other payment obligations arising from these contracts can only be determined in foreign currency or indexed to foreign currency. determined, paid and accepted as indexed to foreign currency.

In other words, in these public contracts, foreign currency or foreign currency indexed payments can be made and accepted.

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