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An Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Passes the Medical Exam!

GigaChat, the artificial intelligence chatbot of the Russian tech giant, successfully passed the qualification exam for medical students. Here are the details!

Artificial intelligence chatbots continue to surprise the world with their progress. GigaChat, the artificial intelligence chat bot of Russian technology giant Sberbank, attracted attention with its success.

GigaChat took the qualification exam prepared for medical students and achieved a surprisingly successful result over the 100-question exam.

Success of the GigaChat Chat Bot

The Russian tech company’s AI chatbot scored 82 out of a 100-question proficiency test. It was also reported to have passed the exam, which included three medical case studies in which it had to make diagnoses, suggest treatment plans and extra tests.

The artificial intelligence tool, which has achieved such successful results in exams prepared for medical students, is no different from a real sixth-grade medical student in analyzing cases and answering examiners’ questions, according to Sberbank.

Russian developers said the AI tool was trained for six months on a 42 GB dataset of medical equipment. Trained using anonymized patient data, GigaChat is still unable to operate completely autonomously.

Sergey Zhdanov, Director of the Sberbank Center for Healthcare Industry, pointed out that the chatbot could serve as the basis for an AI doctor’s assistant. Such a system is said to help improve access to healthcare and support doctors in their daily work.

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