Altay tank goes into mass production!

Haluk Görgün, President of Defense Industries, announced that the Altay tank has entered mass production. Görgün also made evaluations regarding the Efest 2024 exercise.

Named after Fahrettin Altay, who commanded the 5th Cavalry Corps in the War of Independence, the 3+ generation main battle tank Altay has finally reached a happy ending. Although the journey that started in 2007 was plagued by delays and problems, the upgraded Altay tank was delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces last year. Altay was recorded as the first zero tank to enter the TAF’s inventory after 83 years. Now, Haluk Görgün, President of Defense Industries, announced that the Altay tank has entered mass production.

Altay tank started mass production

“We have started mass production of our national tank Altay,” Görgün told TRT Haber: “In the same way, you know that we have started mass production of our national tank Altay. There are also stakeholder countries that we can use together in the international arena and countries that want to work with us. We are also continuing our negotiations with them.”

Although Gördün used the phrase “we have switched to serial production”, this apparently means that Altay has successfully passed all tests and has been approved by the Turkish Armed Forces. The new Altay Tank will be produced in a factory in Ankara, and as far as is known, the construction of this production facility is underway.

As it is known, the new generation Altay tank, produced by BMC Defence with the project of the Presidency of Defense Industries, was renewed in accordance with the conditions of the modern combat environment.

The Altay tank, whose many subsystems have been indigenized and whose combat capability has been increased by adding updated technologies and innovations, has gained additional features with the experience of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). In this context, the use of digital technologies has been increased in Altay. In this way, the Altay tank will be able to be used more precisely and quickly to detect enemy elements, identify their targets and fire.

The new Altay’s fire control system includes modern technologies such as the Laser Range Finder (LRF) and the sensitive Image Stabilization System. Thus, it will be able to detect targets at long distances and engage all targets with a high hit rate. In addition, the new Altay tank also features the AKKOR Active Protection System, which provides active protection as well as advanced armor modules that provide passive protection in modular form. These features elevate Altay to the level of a 3+ generation main battle tank.

It is also stated that systems such as ammunition racks, turret ring gear, rotor, flat periscopes, gunner’s second-degree auxiliary sight system, sliding bracelet, manual ignition system, fuel-heating and bilge pumps, hydraulic pumps, road wheel and cooling vest have been indigenized in the new Altay, especially 12.7 mm and 7.62 mm weapon systems.

How many Altay tanks will be produced?

According to the serial production contract signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries and BMC, 250 ALTAY Main Battle Tanks will be produced and delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces. Within the scope of the project, nearly 200 subcontractors, the majority of which are local, will take part. As it is known, as of April 23, 2023, two Altay Tanks were delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces for extensive field tests in line with the program.

New Altay tank features

  • Maximum Speed 65 km/h
  • Land Speed 45 km/h
  • Unprepared Shallow Water Crossing: 1,2 m
  • Prepared Deep Water Crossing: 2,2 m
  • Prepared Underwater Crossing: 4 m
  • Side Slope: 30%
  • Climbing Ability: 60%
  • Maximum Power 1500 HP
  • Engine 12 Cylinder Electronically Controlled Diesel
  • Transmission 6 Forward, 3 Reverse – Automatic Control
  • Suspension Electronically Controlled ISU Suspension Units and Automatic Track Tensioner Adjustment Capability
  • Operating Temperature: -32 °C / +52 °C
  • Crew Tank Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver (4 Crew)


  • 120 mm L55 Smoothbore Main Gun
  • Stanag 4385 Compliant Ammunition
  • Laser Guided Missile Launch Capability
  • 7.62 mm Coaxial Machine Gun

Fire Control System

  • 360 Degree Rotating Independent Commander’s Periscope
  • Precision Optical Stabilization
  • TV/Thermal Vision and Laser Rangefinding (Separate for Commander and Marksman)
  • Hunter-Shooter Ability
  • Automatic Target Tracking
  • Electric Ball/Tower Tach system

Remote Controlled Weapon System

  • Infrastructure Suitable for Use of 12.7 mm and 7.62 mm Mk.Tf. and 40 mm Grenade Launcher
  • Thermal / TV Vision and Laser Distance Measurement Capability
  • Automatic Target Tracking


  • Tank Driver Vision System
  • Tower Slip Ring


  • AKKOR Active Protection System
  • Tank Command Control Communication Information System
  • Tank Laser Warning System
  • SPIDER Close Range Surveillance System
  • Radio System
  • Internal Communication System

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