Alper Gezeravci Returns To Earth

The historic space journey of Alper Gezeravcı, the first Turkish man in space, is coming to an end. It was reported that Gezeravcı will leave the International Space Station at 17.50 Turkish time.

Turkey’s first astronaut Alper Gezeravcı’s space adventure is coming to an end.

Gezeravcı, who was on the International Space Station during his two-week mission, and his team will leave the station at a certain time.

Station Departure Times Announced

The Axiom Space company announced that the team will leave the station at 17.50 Turkish time.

Alper Gezeravcı conducted 13 different experiments during his two-week stay at the station.

It Will Land In The Ocean

Together with his teammates, the rover will return to Earth in the Dragon capsule.

The capsule is expected to land in the ocean off the coast of Orlando, Florida.

Launched From The Kennedy Space Center

SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft was successfully launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on January 18 at 16:49 US local time (00:49 on January 19).

With the successful launch from Launch Complex 39A, the space journey of the Ax-3 crew, which is expected to last 36 hours, began.

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