Ai-developed ‘virtual News Anchor’ Ready For Duty

Kuwait News Introduced Fedha, A Virtual News Anchor Developed With Artificial Intelligence.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence technologies that have developed in recent years, many companies are trying to make huge investments in this field and are starting to use artificial intelligence in their own businesses.

Kuwait News, a subsidiary of Kuwait Times, introduced Fedha, a virtual news anchor developed with artificial intelligence.

Fedha’s appearance, which was promoted through her social media account, was depicted as a woman with blonde hair, colored eyes, wearing a black jacket and a white t-shirt.

In his introductory video, Fedha said, “I am Fedha, the first anchor at Kuwait News in Kuwait to work with artificial intelligence. What kind of news do you prefer? Let’s hear your ideas.”

Abdullah Boftain, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Kuwait News, said in a statement that Fedha could have a Kuwaiti accent and read online news bulletins:

Fedha is a popular, old Kuwaiti name referring to silver, metal. We always imagine robots as silver and metallic in color, so we combined the two. Fedha’s blonde hair and colorful eyes reflect the country’s expatriate population.

Fedha is not the first AI-produced news anchor; in 2018, China’s state news agency introduced its own virtual news anchor.

300 Million Jobs Will Be Affected

Investment bank Goldman Sachs reported last month that artificial intelligence could replace 300 million full-time jobs.

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