Agreement from HAVELSAN and Epic Games: -Malazgirt Game Is Coming!

Agreement from HAVELSAN and Epic Games: “Malazgirt” Game Is Coming!

HAVELSAN announced that they have collaborated with Epic Games to develop a new FPS game called “Malazgirt”. Details are here!

HAVELSAN, as a company that produces military technologies, also wants to step into the game industry. The company continues to work to release a war FPS game called “Malazgirt”. At this point, the company announced that they are collaborating with Epic Games and that they will use the Unreal Engine game engine in their games in line with this cooperation.

HAVELSAN General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar announced that they would introduce a brand new game at the IDEF 2023 fair last year. The new game can be thought of as a simulation where military personnel will play to gain experience, but in fact it is not. HAVELSAN will be the developer of the game, which will be released for users in the market.

The game they call Manzikert is getting ready for the IDEF fair. The last statement about the game was made by HAVELSAN General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar. Nacar announced that the first phase of the Malazgirt project has been completed and the second phase of the project has begun. He also stated that they will use the Unreal Engine game engine in their games and that they are in cooperation with Epic Games.

Malazgirt Game

A New Game Has Been Developed in Partnership with HAVELSAN and Epic Games

As you know, Epic Games plans to create its own portal by making the game engine available to developers. Thanks to this portal, many companies will be able to develop games on Unreal Engine at the same time. In addition, these companies will be able to communicate with each other quite frequently.

The full statements of HAVELSAN General Manager Nacar are as follows:

“You can produce valuable values ​​in open source and make them licensed. Platforms used in our country can be given as an example. For example, you can model all platforms such as Atak, Hürkuş, Hürjet, Anka, Bayraktar TB2, Aksungur, Akıncı, MİLGEM, LHD and turn these models into artificial intelligence supported smart units. .So by supporting it with a game engine, you can see how they produce in the real environment, in the war environment, together with the 3D image. outside world effects, how they interact and their educational benefits. You can make all kinds of maneuvers and some operational scenarios like a game in this game environment. We know that it has a wide ecosystem and we want to ensure that the domestic-national platforms developed in our country develop in terms of games by focusing on areas such as casual games, serious games, war games.”

Malazgirt Game

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