Adding Shortcut to WhatsApp Messages: It Will Provide Great Convenience to Users!

Adding Shortcut to WhatsApp Messages: It Will Provide Great Convenience to Users!

WhatsApp’s new feature for business accounts has emerged. The shortcut added to messages will provide convenience to users. Here are the details!

It was noticed that WhatsApp started testing a new feature today. Unlike the feature of adding notes to contacts previously offered for Android users, a new note feature is coming.

Looking at the shared image, with the new update of the application, users will be able to save their messages directly as notes. With this option, selected messages will be automatically saved in notes with just a few moves.

WhatsApp’s New Feature Coming Soon

The feature, which was previously available to individuals, will soon be available as a shortcut for businesses. Business accounts will now be able to select the messages they want and add them to notes without opening the chat info screen.

When messages are clicked to be added to notes, the other party will not receive a notification. The ability to add messages to notes is currently under development and will be activated with the next update of the app.

This shortcut, which makes manually adding important messages to notes a thing of the past, will allow users to use the app more efficiently. Developed as a business tool, the feature will not be available to regular users in the first phase.

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