According To The Italian Expert’s Book, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mother Was A Circassian Slave Sold in Istanbul

It has been claimed that Leonardo da Vinci, who led the list of the most important painters of all time, whose creativity went far beyond the art of painting, who was accepted as the symbol of the Renaissance and who was known worldwide for his Mona Lisa painting, was a slave’s child, that is, of immigrant origin.

Carlo Vecce, an expert on Renaissance Literature and Civilization in Italy, in his latest book about Leonardo da Vinci, which he devoted decades to studying and curating his works, included the claim that the mother of the great master was an enslaved Caucasian woman.

‘From the Caucasus to Istanbul, Venice and Florence’

A professor at the University of Naples said about Da Vinci’s mother, who is believed to be a Tuscan peasant until today, “She was a Circassian slave… taken from her home in the Caucasus Mountains, first sold in Constantinople (Istabul), then in Venice, after being sold and resold a few times, she came to Florence. “He stated that he had achieved his finding. Vecce stated that the Circassian woman met with Piero da Vinci, a young notary public in Florence, Italy, and the couple named their son Leonardo.

Described in the novel ‘Caterina’s Smile’. The new novel ‘The Smile of Leonardo’s Mother, Caterina’, on which these findings are based, claims to shed light on the aura of mystery surrounding the great master.

‘He got the spirit of freedom from his migrant mother’

Vecce, who is of the opinion that the difficult life of her ‘immigrant’ mother affects the work of her clever son, said, “Caterina left a great legacy to Leonardo such as the spirit of freedom, which inspired all of his intellectual and scientific work.”


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