Abramovich’s Company Was Sold to Hakan Koc For 1 Dollar

Abramovich’s Company Was Sold to Hakan Koc For 1 Dollar

The sale of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s British telecom company Truphone, once valued at half a billion dollars, has been completed.

Truphone, the telecom company of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who lost many assets, especially Chelsea, one of the Premier League teams, due to the sanctions imposed after the Ukraine War, was sold for only 1 dollar.

The new owner of the company became TP Global Operations, owned by Turkish-German businessman Hakan Koç.

According to the news in Dünya newspaper, Koç applied to the British government last year together with the former manager of Truphone, Pyrros Koussios, and offered Truphone debts plus 1 dollar.

The process was completed last week and the handover was made yesterday.

Hakan Koc

Making a statement to the British press, Koç said, “This is a very heartwarming situation. We will finally start working,” and made the following promise to 446 company employees and company customers who have been working in uncertainty for months:
“It’s been a very burdensome time for friends who work without knowing where the company is going. Our customers have also remained loyal to the company. Now we can easily tell them what’s going on.”

Truphone, which Abramovich directed for many years with petrochemical bosses Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov, produces e-SIM. The company was valued at $505 million in 2020.

Hakan Koc

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