A New Turkish Signature In The Sky: Unmanned Helicopter Will Fly This Year

TAI's unmanned helicopter counts the days

The 100th anniversary of the Republic was a very important milestone for air platforms, one of the pillars of the Turkish defense industry. Having gained a very good place in the world in manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, Turkey’s new goal is to bring its unmanned helicopter to the sky in the next few months.

Intense pressure from Turkey’s western ‘allies’, especially the United States, successive embargoes, and the first stones of a country that is almost completely dependent on foreign sources for its defense industry to pave a new path for itself…

If the calendars had been pointing to 1973, we would probably have told you the news about the establishment of TAI with these sentences. Turkish Aerospace Industries Corporation (TAI) was established on June 28, 1973 under the Ministry of Industry and Technology in order to reduce Turkey’s foreign dependence in the defense industry.

In the intervening time, the 25-year partnership with the USA for the F-16, the road map the company has followed since then, and its ability to build its own vehicles, which has gained momentum especially since the early 2000s, has turned into a completely different success story today.

At this point, TAI continues to be the pride of Turkey with its strategic partnerships with the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, as well as the National Combat Aircraft KAAN, Hürjet, Hürkuş, ANKA S/UAV series, Gökbey, ATAK helicopters, Şimşek family, Göktürk and many other projects.

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