A New Tracking Card Introduced: If You Often Lose Your Wallet, This Card Is For You!

A New Tracking Card Introduced: If You Often Lose Your Wallet, This Card Is For You!

Nomad is launching a new product with the new Tracking Card that will allow you to store your essential cards and keep track of their location at all times.

Nomad today launched the Tracking Card, a super-slim Find My-enabled card designed to be carried in a wallet so it can be tracked with iPhone.

The Tracking Card is about the thickness of two credit cards, so it doesn’t take up too much space in a wallet. It is also the size of a credit card, so it can be carried alongside other cards. There are currently several Find My cards on the market and Nomad’s card is among the thinnest available at 2mm.

One side of the black plastic card is largely flat except for the logo, and the other side features a second thin Nomad logo with light gray lines representing the hardware inside the card.

What Can Nomad’s Tracking Card Do?

There is a hidden button on the card that can be pressed to add it to Find My and you can match your card very easily. From there, it can be given a name and icon and tracked alongside other Find My items and Find My-enabled Apple devices.

Tracking Card

Nomad’s Tracking Card connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth. Find My can provide the current location if it’s with you, or the Tracker’s last known location if it has been located via the Find My network.

Perhaps the best feature of Nomad’s Tracker is the battery. The battery can be charged by plugging the card into a Qi-based charger. A small red LED on the card lights up when it’s charging and turns green when fully charged and off when the charger is disconnected.

According to Nomad, a single charge lasts for about five months, so it doesn’t need to be recharged often. Nomad also says that the Tracking Card is IPX7 waterproof, meaning that even if the card gets wet, it won’t cause any problems.

This Tracking Card is currently available globally for $40. It is currently unclear whether the product will be available in Turkey.

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