A New Comet Approaching Earth May Be Visible to the Naked Eye: But When?

A New Comet Approaching Earth May Be Visible to the Naked Eye: But When?

A comet called Tsuchinshan-ATLAS, which is approaching the Earth, may cause a unique sight when it reaches the Earth with its brightness. Here are the details!

This year, the skies look set to continue to host some interesting moments. A comet called Tsuchinshan-ATLAS is hurtling towards Earth and, if expected, could shine brighter than the stars and light up our night.

After the “Great North American Solar Eclipse” in April and the northern lights earlier this month, the universe is preparing to give us another cosmic spectacle.


What makes Tsuchinshan-ATLAS different from other stars?

In recent years we have seen stellar visitors such as the “green comet” and the “devil comet”, but Tsuchinshan-ATLAS stands out from the rest by potentially being so bright that it can be seen with the naked eye.

This mysterious comet will pass close to Earth in late September, and in October it will pass just 44 million miles from our pale blue planet. When that day comes, those interested in celestial phenomena will be able to witness this unique sight.

First, though, a word of warning: Tsuchinshan-ATLAS is a “first-time comet” from the Oort cloud. This means that as it gets closer to the sun, its volatiles may burn up and its brightness may be lower than expected.

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