A New Airport Terminal Opened for Flying Taxis

An air terminal was built for these vehicles, which are called by special derived names such as air taxi, flying taxi or helicopter taxi. This was the place for vertical take-off and landing vehicles.

Pontoise-Cormeilles, a regional airport located 40 kilometers northwest of Paris, now also provides services for flying taxis. These vehicles take off and land vertically, just like helicopters.

What does the Opened Airport Terminal for Flying Taxis Offer?

Instead of being powered by jet turbines, flying taxis are powered by electrically powered rotor sets. This area, which was opened on November 10, 2022, is currently serving as a prototype. Because this area is the first of its kind in Europe and its infrastructure work has not been completed yet.

The Paris Olympics, planned to be held in July 2024, will have a very important place for this project. Groupe ADP, which is responsible for airports in Paris, plans to operate in this region with ten air taxis until this date.

According to this action plan, each of the taxis will make two or three trips per hour and at least two routes will be used. The terminal building is compact and as large as an apartment (medium size).

Ticket purchasing applications are also being developed for flying taxis. The face scanning system will scan passengers’ faces and verify their identity. The floor sensor will also measure weight.

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