A New Airbnb Case: Host Sent Videos Of Him With Another Woman To His Client’s Wife!

An Airbnb host allegedly sent his client's wife photos and videos of him with another woman. Here are the details!

There has been another Airbnb incident in the US state of Mississippi. A man named Shawn Mackey rented a three-bedroom house owned by Pamela Fohler to stay between September 9 and 11.

The renter said he planned to stay with three friends and told the landlord that more friends were coming for dinner after he rented the house. After paying $567, he violated two different house rules and told the landlord later that more people were coming, prompting the landlord to charge an additional fee.

Fohler told Mackey, who was renting his house, that he had to list every guest who came to the house and pay the additional fee whether they stayed overnight or not. Mackey agreed and sent Fohler a guest list.

Mackey also emailed the landlord, saying: “Rest assured, we will take great care of your home.”

Interesting Allegation About Landlord
The rules set by the Airbnb host prohibited smoking and its derivatives, having an unregistered guest come/stay, parking in front of the garage door, excessive noise, nude swimming and “peeing in the pool”. In addition, the host warned the guest about off-site security cameras.

The host, Fohler, responded to Mackey’s message as follows: “Hi Shawn, we can only accommodate a maximum of 8 guests. This is due to restrictions in the city and the capacity of our house. We cannot triple the number of guests. There will be a separate charge for each guest, including those who do not stay the night.”

After 45 minutes of no response to this message, the landlord called his client again and told him that the neighbors had complained about excessive noise and asked them to leave within 15 minutes.

“I am very sorry but you have violated the no party rule, you have disturbed my neighbors by swearing and shouting in the parking lot and you have unauthorized guests. I’m asking you to leave now, I can’t let you stay, I’m sorry.”

In response, Mackey left a negative review of the host on Airbnb and requested a refund of $502, but was denied. Mackey denied the allegations of various rule violations, stating that only one guest was overstaying.

The customer also said that the host, Fohler, texted and threatened him on September 17. The host allegedly texted the customer as follows: “Hi Shawn, hope you are well. Shall I forward the photos and videos to Teresa, or do you want to show them to her?”

The message didn’t stop there. Fohler also sent Mackey’s wife a message saying, “I love your purse, where did you get it?” along with surveillance footage of Mackey with another woman.

When all this happened, the parties sued each other. Mackey claimed “damage to her marriage” and Fohler countersued, accusing Mackey of causing her “extreme emotional distress”, “public humiliation” and “mental anguish”.

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